Saturday, March 5, 2011

Follow Up: Paula Ettelbrick “Since When is Marriage a Path to Liberation?”, “Same-Sex Marriage FAQs” and Andrea Vaccaro “Soldier in a Long White Dress

The three readings for this week focus on gay-marriage and the reasons why homosexuals want the right to marriage. Like Vaccaro, I was raised in a small town in New Jersey (actually my town is about forty minutes away from her town), also like Vaccaro, I was in GSA. My lacrosse coach and one of my favorite people ran GSA, along with some student leaders. There were not many kids in GSA but around 15-20 kids came most meetings and for the most part I really enjoyed the meetings. My school was very heterosexual and not many homosexuals were even in the club, most of the members were heterosexual like me who wanted to support gays and lesbians. It was in GSA that I first really learned how hard it is for homosexuals in a heterosexual world. In the “Same-Sex Marriage FAQs” the author writes how homosexuals want to marry because, like everyone else who gets married, they are in love. I think it must be so hard and frustrating to love someone, but not to be able to marry them.
Juxtaposed to the two other readings, Ettelbrick brings up the point that marriage does not mean equal. She writes how homosexuals are struggling for marriage so hard when they should realize that marriage would not make it acceptable to be gay or lesbian. This reading made me think about what it will accomplish for the gay and lesbian community if gay marriage is passed? I agree with Ettelbrick that legalizing marriage for everyone would not magically fix things, but I do think it shows a step in the right direction and the more people get use to the idea the more acceptable it will be to see same-sex marriages.
Vaccaro talks about how as a girl you look forward to your wedding. You play games, dress up your dolls, and imagine your perfect wedding. To not be able to do that because you do not fit into what society views, as love is really sad.

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